Desktop and Server Virtualization solutions will help you maximize the benefits of Virtualization to enable business agility, increase the availability of resources and applications and support the journey to cloud computing. It helps your organization pool and share IT resources in a way that reduces costs, makes your IT infrastructures more flexible and assures supply automatically meets demand.

Enterprises are adopting Virtualization to eliminate costly “server sprawl,” lower energy bills, and increase management control of IT resources.

Server Virtualization enables consolidation of processing, storage, and network resources into a vast virtual pool that administrators can provision on the fly to set up and tear down services as needed. Consolidation reduces the number of physical devices, along with their power, space, and cooling requirements, to lower hard costs.

Desktop Virtualization centralizes control of user computer and Data resources. Today’s solutions centralize control and management of existing desktop and laptop computers and their applications. In the long term, desktop virtualization eliminates hands-on management of multiple versions of operating systems and applications in individual client devices. Users perform business processes using inexpensive client devices instead of costly, fully loaded personal computers.

Our Certified & experienced consultants can help you achieve the full benefits of Server and Desktop Virtualization. Our experts understand the complex interaction of hardware, applications, storage, and networks underlying the virtual fabric.

With our solutions on cloud computing, customers can quickly and easily build cloud services within their existing infrastructure and start realizing the benefits of this transformative service delivery model within minutes–without the overhead of integration, professional services and complex deployment schedules.

We help you to increase IT agility by helping you in hosting a private cloud that gives your workers the flexibility they demand while helping to optimize Datacentre utilization in public, private or hybrid deployments–that can be accessed on – demand and billed by actual usage. You can automate the distribution of compute, network and storage while adhering to defined policies on load balancing, Data security and compliance.

Virtualization is the essential catalyst for cloud computing. Our approach is comprehensive, but unlike other cloud offerings, it’s not one-cloud-fits-all. To deliver competitive advantage, cloud computing must be flexibly tailored and aligned to your individual needs. For your enterprise, that could mean a cloud that’s internal and private, one that leverages external services, or a hybrid cloud that combines both. Resource pooling and a self-managed, dynamically optimized environment dramatically increase IT performance–leveraging existing resources to avoid unnecessary infrastructure investment and technology lock-in. The result is lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

With Virtualization you can empower end-users while ensuring security and preserving IT oversight and authority, simplifying IT services provisioning and deployment while maintaining IT control, protective safeguards, and regulatory compliance. The IT organization can thus respond more quickly and securely to evolving business needs and IT retains the ability to support traditional systems and gains the flexibility to deploy them internally or externally, without being restricted to any single technology or vendor. Developers can build applications that are portable among hybrid, private, and public clouds within a common management and security framework.

We help you simplify and optimize even the most complex infrastructures and heterogeneous operating system environments

Whether maximizing the utilization of existing systems, integrating and consolidating systems and servers for greater efficiency and cost savings, or designing and building your scalable architecture from the ground up, we’ll make sure your infrastructure works to:

  • Drive greater performance from existing assets by increasing system utilization
  • Enhance business agility and business decision support
  • Exploit emerging Technologies more quickly and cost-effectively
  • Reduce costs associated with managing complex and disparate systems


We believe when it comes to servers, one size does not fit all. All servers, or server workloads, are not equal. Different applications have different performance characteristics that may benefit from a particular CPU architecture when compared to another. Some applications require larger systems with more CPU, memory, or I/O slots, while others need to have lower power and a smaller footprint in the Datacentre. We brings together an expert team to determine the best system or systems for a given application or environment. We will balance your requirements for server performance, scalability, reliability, and management. Our expertise extends to high availability solutions as well as deep application level integration. We can help you determine the right systems that are sized and configured to most effectively meet your business requirements.


Your business is increasingly challenged to improve operational efficiency in today’s highly competitive, rapidly evolving marketplace. Datacentres must be dynamically scalable and agile, able to quickly address your changing business requirements while delivering cost-effective performance. Rapidly changing business require fast response and that is why you should turn to integrated systems.

Our solutions based on Integrated Systems help you to combine high-performance servers, Virtualization, Storage and high-speed networking into an integrated, smart infrastructure. Your IT organization is ultimately judged by its ability to effectively deliver benefits and solutions that meet real business needs. The Integrated systems lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and increased effectiveness can transform the way your organization does business. These systems are ideally suited for customers interested in a system that delivers the simplicity of an integrated solution and control over tuning middle-ware and the run-time environment.

Agility: As you seek to innovate to bring products and services to market faster, you need fast time-tovalue. Expertise built into a solution can eliminate manual steps, automate delivery, and support innovation.

Efficiency: To reduce costs and conserve valuable resources, you must get the most out of your systems with energy efficiency, simple management, and a fast, automated response to problems. With built-in expertise, you can optimize your critical business applications and get the most out of your investments. Increased simplicity: You need a less complex environment. Patterns of expertise can help you easily consolidate diverse servers, storage, and applications onto an easier-to-manage, integrated system. Control: With optimized patterns of expertise, you can accelerate cloud implementations to lower risk by improving security and reducing human error.

We understand the importance and criticality of Data and generate unique solutions to safeguard it. We prescribes a customized solution based on your environment, and promises high availability of business critical applications and Data. Our suite of solutions and professional services address local and remote backup, as well as incident and disaster recovery.

Replication is the latest trend used for making multiple copies of one production Data. Ideally suited for a multiple benefits, replication Technologies have helped our customers to create remote disaster recovery site for their mission critical Data.

Our solutions offer both local and remote replication for backup and disaster recovery processes respectively. We also help our customers replicate Data in different storage box configurations. These could be one to one, one to many or even many to one. These storage boxes could be from multiple vendors i.e. source box from one and target box from another. Data replication can be done in both synchronous and asynchronous modes. Depending on the distance between the two locations, with the RPO and RTO defined, we recommend the best replication solutions. We do have options available for only an incremental replication of Data to further ensure low utilization of bandwidth and instant replication.